Life isn’t just about doing things for yourself.
It’s possible to live in such a way that other people’s happiness makes you happy, too.
I want to live in a way that makes all the people around me happy.
I want to live in a way that lets me support those around me when they get tired.
And for that, I want to keep doing my best…

Beautiful confinement. Blissful obedience.
It’s the constraint of love you can’t ever break away from.

We should share with each other and live well in harmony.

Being hurt seems to have a purpose.

For normal people, a choice is needed after a fight.
If you’re friends, then you get a drink together.
If you’re family, then you give pocket money.
And if you’re lovers, just leaving after pacifying isn’t the right thing to do.

Words can have different interpretations.
What one says isn’t the whole truth.
It’s a human weakness.
They test others to confirm their own existence.
It’s a contradiction.